Typical taverns and small venues in the popular districts of Lisbon, the fado [87] [88], from the beginning of the century, «… knows a gradual dissemination and popular consecration, through the publication of periodicals that are consecrated to the theme and consolidation of new performative spaces in a vast network of precincts… ‘. [89] At the same time, in ample spaces such as the small-field bulls ‘ square, bullfighting becomes one of the popular favourite amusements. The popular theatre or magazine theatre, taking on themes of old comedies and scholarly dramas, occupies new rooms of the capital. Another pastime, typically Portuguese, is the oratory, practiced by actors who, commenting on themes in fashion, imitate Father António Vieira with a rhetoric full of flourishes, with superficial arguments, sometimes singing, in spectacles where they contest prizes . They also kill the Alfacinhas their idleness in large public gardens that appear in Lisbon imitating the Hyde Park of London and gardens of the German cities. The first is the garden of the star.

Lisbon continues to develop at the pace of the most important European capitals, improving its infrastructure and building new ones, reshaping the urban transport system, safety and health. In 1994 it is the European Capital of culture. In 1998 inaugurates its second bridge, at the longest time in all of Europe and the fourth largest in the world, the Vasco da Gama Bridge. That same year he organized the EXPO 98, in the park of nations, with the theme oceans.


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